All-Conquering Kaleidoscope.
All-Powerful Resourcerer.
Akamai Design's ABC WYSIWYG Designer's Studio.
Apple Computer's Really Wicked 631K direct download ResEdit 2.1.3.
Stuffit for uploading. StuffitExpander for downloaded Stuff.

Sven Berg Ryen's Outrageously Hyper SchemeChecker.
Sven Berg Ryen's Slippy Slidy Slider Helper for the ID 300 Clut.
Patrick Bores' Beguiling BeEdit.


Janpeter Bode's Shashaying K-Files.
Brian Hagler's Missile Guided Kaleidoscope Scheme Guide.
Calyxa Omphalos' Belly Button Rings.
Quentin Hill's PhD course in Kaleidoscope For Idiots.
Neil Green's Yodelling Bevels'r'Us!.
Neil Green's macOS8 PopUp Tabs!.
Jim Herzman's Problem solving for Kaleidoscope.


Keeper of Plentiful Schemes, Eric Reid's Remarkable The Kaleidoscope Scheme Archive.
Sven Berg Ryen's Awesomely All-Seeing, All-Dancing KRP.
Dorian Weisel's High Velocity Unregulated K Schemes Directory.
Welcome to GUI Junky. Not just Kaleidoscopes, the entire shebang!
GUI-Central - The Ultimate Mac Customization Resource.

HyperArchive @ Info-Mac's Kaleidoscope - Latest Uploads.
Lloyd Wood's Critical Kaleidoscope Colour Schemers @ The Way.
ZDNet Site Map - search Kaleidoscopes.
All the KaleidoScopies @ the KSA Page, where you can see, & download, the entire collection, haphazardly.

Talking K:

Maury McCown's The Schemer's Profile Web Site: Home Page.
Josh Lewis' reclining SALON!.
Leo Prieto's A Touch Of the best of k.

Really Cool Appls:

Ed Voas's DoubleScroll - which works so well with KaleidoScopies. Shareware.
Marc Moini's Smart Scroll - which sometimes work with KaleidoScopies. Shareware.
Proteron's GoMac - handy Start. Shareware.
Sleeper - Dimmer switch. Shareware.
Quality Freeware Icons from The Iconfactory - IconDropper, NameDropper.
T.Yoshida's KaleidoName & KaleidoSwitcher - To be or not to be.. Freeware.
Akamai Design's Kaleidoscope Scheme Switching Control Strip - Too cool.
The Official Ircle Home Page.


In no particular order of preference, of course!:

Richard Bensam's Kaleidoscopic Creations Sunny Honey Bunny's Kaleidoscope Shack!

Jeni Pleskow's Rude Lizard Patricia Erigero's Midnight Hour

Quentin Hill's Schemes Scott Hunter's Bazaar

Gandolf the Grey's Kaleidoscopes Chris Barnett's Pandemonium

Ryan Smith's Kaleidoscope 1.5 Andi's Dreamin' & Schemin'

Calyxa's Schemes Sven Berg Ryen's Schemes

Scot Lewis' Schemes Neil Green's Bouncy Page!

Jeremy Gale's Dark Highways Ric Zito's Screenshots

Dorian Weisel's Apple Grays Janet Parris's Schemes

timechanic industries' Kaleidoscopes Layne Krakruff's Scrollites

Maury McGown's Schemes Scott Naness's Schemes

Ramon Cahenzli's Just another K page Jarvis Badgley's ChiperWeb

Igarashi Susumu's Color Scheme Matthew Kelleigh's MacTown!

Michael Robinette's Schemaddict Jim Herzman's Railroad Schemes

Jorge Caffarena's Eevyl Color Schemes Taetia Zysshe's Kaleidoscopes

Mihai Parparita's Kaleidoscope Schemes Martha Royer's Schemes

JinSan's Kaleidoscope Mania! Jim & Julie's Schemes

The splendor of MahaRaja..
The venom of PoisonArrow..

ChezMark's MacPicks

MacOS Zone! schemes!!

Courtesy of MacPlaza at AAAJ's. rainbowtour


The Incredibly Amazing Andi's Patch FolderIcon Series..

BeeHive Icons©
BeeHive & BeeHivetoo
Download 18K


RainbowHigh Icons©
Download 9K


ImperialMing Icons©
Download 9K


AGoldGold Icons©
Download 10K


MahaRaja Icons©
Download 9K


MelodyFair Icons©
Download 10K

with which you'll need Christoph Schaffhauser's handydandy Chris Aaron/Kaleidoscope Patch to use.



An Extension that gives your Mac the Kool Look Albie Cursor
that looks kooler still with KaleidoScopies.
Only 5K - Download Now!


RedCurser1.0 - Ever wanted a RedHot ChilliPepper Cursor?
Now, together with KaleidoScopies, your very own RedCurser!
Only 7K - Download Now!

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